75 stories - the establishment of the Priory of Scotland of the Order of St John

Publication date 06 March 2022

St John organisations started to grow in 1870s providing first aid instruction and ambulance corps 

People associated with the Order of St John had undertaken charitable works in Scotland since the late 19th century (1870s) including first aid, ambulance services, and had even begun planning to establish a colony for people suffering from tuberculosis. 

Several attempts had been made to establish an official Priory over the years, but it was not until March 1945, as the Second World War was coming to an end, that three Knights of the Order made plans to establish a Priory in Scotland once and for all 

Committee for Scottish Affairs authorised May 1945 

From the outset the Committee had a clear idea of its long-term plans and immediate priorities. There being no National Health Service in the UK, plans included the creation of a hospital in Scotland, the setting up of Medical Comforts Depots, and the guarantee of an annual cash contribution to the Order's Hospital in Jerusalem 

6th March 1947 declared an official Priory 

Granted by Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester as Grand Prior on behalf of Sovereign Head, King George VI 

Celebrate our 75th anniversary much has changed but one thing remains the same: the desire to help those in need by meeting the health needs of communities across Scotland